Who cleans the toilets in Galt’s Gulch

finally finds her utopia her community of freedom. And now Dagny Taggart finds herself in Galt’s Gulch in Atlantis on her hands and knees wiping up the pee of the Men of the Mind because they are evidently not also the Men of Good Aim. She thinks as she pushes the damp rag into the filthy crevasses behind the toilet bowl that she had hoped for a different role in Stopping the Motor of the World.


Do you remember? The first time? How your heart beat so hard You thought it would burst Your voice was…

Snowflake Anthem

When I was three years old
Whenever I hurt myself
I’d run to my parents for comfort
And they would ask me
Where did you hurt yourself?
I would drag them across the flat
To the table
Or chair
Or doorframe
Which had hurt me
And shout
There! That is where my hurt myself!
And my parents would tell off the offending object
Until I felt better

Appropriate Channels

It has come to our attention that
Some of you have been commenting
On working conditions
On social media and other channels
Clearly inappropriate

We would like to remind you all
That we care deeply
About our staff and our students
And in no way do we wish to silence criticism
But please make use of the
Appropriate Channels